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Loris Loves Asgore Enough To Surprise Kiss Him by Elzathehedgehog
Loris Loves Asgore Enough To Surprise Kiss Him
Credit for Undertale goes to Toby Fox

I think Loris could be a super model who fell in love with Asgore

I tried to make it so that she is pulling him close by his ears for the surprise kiss.





anyway I'm going to go and watch a movie, see ya later.

Starletta Butterfly is The Corrupted Queen by Elzathehedgehog
Starletta Butterfly is The Corrupted Queen
Credit for Star vs The Forces of Evil goes to Daron Nefcy

I did this drawing around November 28, 2016,

this Star comes from a dark future and she changed her name to 'Starletta' 

if I had to say what age this version of Star was, I would say about 24 years old

maybe when I am able I will draw this version of Star again.

anyway see ya later.
Star and Janna Friends Forever Even After Marco by Elzathehedgehog
Star and Janna Friends Forever Even After Marco
Credit for Star vs The Forces of Evil goes to Daron Nefcy

in this drawing, Star is 16 or 17 years old

this takes place in a future that is possibly a AU type future,

where Marco and Jackie have been in a serious relationship for three or four years as boyfriend and girlfriend

and after a big fight with Marco, Star ends up moving out of his home and moves in with her female human best friend Janna, who in a way is now her best friend and Marco is her ex-best friend in that timeline.

I believe that Star has found out she was in love with Marco but after finding out too late when he and Jackie started to become more closer

she knew she lost him for good in a way but that is only in the timeline that this Star and Janna come from.

the hearts on Star are well broken hearts and how it could of happen well, maybe from casting a spell she shouldn't and it caused a big accident maybe

I have another drawing I did of Star that I did last month that I haven't posted up yet

that has to do with a possible future but the Star in that drawing is a little well much older than the Star in this drawing.

I will go get ready to post that drawing up, anyway see ya later.
Angry Birds OC: Vyolet The Swallow by Elzathehedgehog
Angry Birds OC: Vyolet The Swallow
Credit for Angry Birds goes to Rovio Entertainment

I think this is my first Angry Bird OC

I drew this last night and I'm posting it up now.
her feather bangs cover her eyes but you can see a little part of one of her eyes and see she has blue eyes

but her eyes are still covered by her feather bangs.

I say feather bangs because well, her bangs aren't hair they are feathers.

I know she doesn't really look much like a swallow but it's what I believe she should be.

anyway I really should get something to eat, I haven't had anything yet since I woke up.
(Author's Note: I asked :iconcunningjanja: permission first to use Kifo for a short story, and I got the okay too and I am giving credit to CunningJanja )


Jania was looking at a very pretty rock

her eyes were sparkling as she looks at it, she had been collecting them lately

there was a purple one, a pink one, a green one and many more.

and they all were really pretty when she places them near the sunlight,

she couldn't help but be memorized by them

"Jania, what in the outlands are you doing?"Nne asked as both he and Tano came in and found her looking at rocks, well they are really gems but to them they are just rocks

and after hearing Nne's voice, she couldn't help but roll her eyes

can't I go one day without having to deal with those two smarty brainless fur-heads

she thought of them as smarty brainless fur-heads because well of their intelligence and how stupid they can be
no matter how smart they are...........and mostly it was because she really hated them and liked to call them smarty brainless fur-heads.

"it is none of your business, and didn't I tell you that I want nothing to do with ya or even talk to you please step back a few more steps, your a little too close."Jania said

he rolls his eyes at this and steps forward instead

"look, me and Tano know you don't like us but we still are gonna have to work together."

"you been taking over? yeah ain't happening, Janja's leader and if you two try anything I will bite your ears off!"

"what?! no! we heard what happen with Kifo from Sita and Saba."Tano said

"wait they told you?!"

that is the last time I tell them anything and make them promise not to tell anyone else. Jania thought

"look we know we can be a little mean to your brother at times, but Kifo is someone you really don't want to mess with."Nne said

"and you know this because?"Jania asks

"because we use to be in his clan before we decided to leave and find a new clan to be a part of, and your brother seem like the smartest choice even if he is less intelligent."Tano said

Jania was about to slap Tano when Nne got between them and in doing so, stopping her from giving Tano a good slap to the nose.

"look we are just trying to help you, we know the next time you run into Kifo and his clan things will be a lot more dangerous and your brother told us to make sure you know this."

"so wait Janja knows too?"Jania yells as she couldn't help but want to slap both Saba and Sita for being so stupid and opening their big mouths.

just then two female hyenas came over

their names were Tisa and Kumi

"Jania, are you done looking at your rocks?"Tisa asked

"yeah, we really want to head over to Jasiri's clan and meet up with her, Madoa, Moja, Mbili and Tatu."Kumi said

she almost forgot, she was suppose to go over to Jasiri's today.

"wait who are Tatu, Moja and Mbili?"Nne asked as he glares at Kumi and Tisa as he never really seen them before and was now on guard.

"they are from Jasiri's clan."Jania says as though it was obvious.

 "you know your brother will not be happy about you going over there right?"Tano tells her and he was right, he will not be too happy about her going all the way to Jasiri's territory or the fact she is friends with her.

whatever like I care. Jania thought

"and who are these two?"Nne asked as he eyes Kumi and Tisa

"we are Jania's ladies-in-waiting as well as her friends, why?"Tisa tells him as she glares at him, not really trusting him given his and Tano's history of clawing someone in the back.

"well I'm just surprised she has any friends at all with that whole 'rogue act' she has going on."Nne says with a smug face

and his words didn't go unheard by Jania who glares behind her right at him.

some time later

during the walk to Jasiri's clan territory,

"I'm telling you he is so annoying, and so is his friend Tano."Jania says as she, Tisa and Kumi walk.

"I hear that, it's because of males like that I'm dating outside my species."Kumi says as she keeps walking while Jania and Tisa stop and look at her with shock and bewilderment

"wait I didn't think I heard you right, did you say that you were dating outside your species?"Jania asked and then looks at Tisa

"did you know about this Tisa?!"

"no! of course not! this is a first I'm hearing of it!...........Kumi are you really doing that?! what type of animal is he? and please tell me he isn't a grass eater you know those kinds of relationships never really work out for a lot of reasons.........not unless we evolve into anthropomorphic animals that we some times see come here in a much bigger animal."Tisa said

and at that same moment a touring jeep stops by them and the people take pictures of them before driving off 

"you been having those dreams again haven't you Tisa, I keep telling you those types of dreams don't mean anything it is just a dream you walking on two legs instead of four is just silly."Jania tells her as she starts to walk once more and starts to walk right next to Kumi.

"I'm telling you it is possible that we might evolve into that!"

"there's that word again 'evolve' like we are suppose to know what that means."Jania says as she was about to take a few more steps when

"well funny running into you in a place like this."

she heard his voice, what was he doing here of all places?

she looks up and saw him on a ledge looking down on all three of them

"what do you want Kifo? can't you see we are going over to see a friend at the moment so please go back to your clan."Jania tells him as she starts to walk once again but is stop when Kifo jumps down in front of her.

"I just want to talk, alone if you don't mind."he says as he looks from her to Kumi and Tisa who got a bad feeling about this guy but decided it was best to just go and ignore the feeling for now

"fine, we will see you over at Jasiri's territory after you talk with him."Tisa says as she and Kumi leave.

"okay we are alone now, so what do you want to talk about? this better not be a waste of time."Jania said as she was keeping her guard up just in case he tries to pick a fight with her.

"oh believe me, what I have to say wont be a waste of time."Kifo says as what he had to discuss with her was something that would put the first part of his plan into play and make him that much closer to power.

to be continued    

The Run in Witch a Deceitful Part 2-of-10
Credit for Kifo goes to :iconcunningjanja:

Credit for Lion Guard and Lion King goes to Disney

Part 1-->…

Part 3--> [coming next year in 2017]

maybe I will do much better in Part 3, anyway the part of this wont come until next year because well I want to try to take my time with it

anyway see ya later.



United States
working on changing the bio..........

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