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Ladybug-Girl and Hulk-Girl With The Girl Team
Credit goes to Marvel Comics

I only own Bellissa Barrow/Ladybug-Girl and Christelle Ross who happens to be a Hulk-Girl.

Bellissa is of course a niece of Peter Parker,

and well I just had to draw a Hulk-Girl in this drawing who I named Christelle Ross, so I will just say she is like maybe the adopted daughter of Red-Hulk.

of course Christelle Ross and Bellissa Barrow aka Ladybug-Girl are non-canon so they shouldn't be taken seriously.

and I think when Christelle isn't being the Hulk-Girl, she is the same height as Ladybug-Girl.

I think that the two would be great best friends who go to the same school together.

anyway this is all I'm going to post up for the day and well I wont be posting anything up tomorrow, maybe like in two or three days.

anyway see ya later.

Marvel OC: Bellissa M. Barrow The Ladybug-Girl
Credit goes to Marvel Comics

Credit for Miraculous Ladybug goes to Thomas Astruc

Ladybug-Girl was inspired by both Spider-Man and Ladybug.

there is a reason why I picked 'Barrow' as her last name

and that is because of the whole Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow.

get it because well Spider-Man's last name is Parker, and well it is the same last name of Bonnie of that whole Bonnie and Clyde.

so yeah Clyde's last name was Barrow so yeah I went with that.

I made Bellissa to be like the niece of Peter Parker.

here is the first drawing I did of her today,…

I'm just going to post this last thing up for tonight, and then I'm just going to go back to having a little me time for the rest of this Saturday.

oh and if anyone is wondering how she can see without her glasses as Ladybug-Girl, that is easy to answer

it has to do with the thing that covers the eye holes of her mask, they were made with special material that let's her see without the use of her glasses.

her suit could of been made by Peter Parker, and he could of added that to her mask.  

Marvel OC: The Fantastic Ladybug-Girl
Credit goes to Marvel Comics

Credit for Miraculous Ladybug goes to Thomas Astruc

Ladybug-Girl was inspired by both Ladybug of the show Miraculous Ladybug and Spider-Man from the Marvel Universe

oh and just so you know the Ladybug wings aren't a part of her body, it is something that acts as a type of jetpack-glider hybrid.

she was bitten by a radioactive ladybug, added to the fact she is a Inhuman so the added power from the radioactive ladybug

Bellissa was exposed to the terrigen mist at the same time she was bitten by the radioactive ladybug,

she is a part of the coequal defenders  (which is made up of  aliens, Inhumans, mutants and humans) fighting for the rights of everyone who live on Earth.

when she is Bellissa and her Uncle is just Peter, she calls him Uncle Peter.

but when they are both Ladybug-Girl and Spider-Man, she calls him Uncle Spidey (she does not call him 'Spider-Man' when talking to him or speaking about him to others.)

this is of course fan non-canon, so it is not please don't take it in the wrong way.

anyway see ya later, I'm going to just spend the whole day this Saturday to myself to just relax. 
[Author's Note this story is also on Fanfiction net under my pen name/username AnonymousZGirl ]
[Sleazy's Pov]

it was just me, Slimy, Flasher, Psycho and the girl who was a sleep at the moment in the back...

oh and her little pet weasel who right now was being held by Psycho and was snuggling his small head on Psycho's chest and making Psycho giggle a little.

I look over to the girl and I couldn't get over how much she look like......

I stop my thoughts when I saw how she twitch in her sleep and her body seem to shiver and what I all so notice from her was that she was crying and mumbling and talking in her sleep that I seem to be the only one to pick up as I got closer to her and went on my knees to check on her to see if she was alright and as I place my hand on her shoulder she said something that made my eyes wide.

"please don't hurt me mama...."she whispers in her sleep and I couldn't help but feel my heart feel a tug of sadness and pity cause I got this gut feeling that she was mistreated when she was little...maybe I could ask her more about it when we are alone....

I heard the car stop and I knew we were here already and I stood up and saw the double doors open up...
the girl would be staying under are watch at the headquarters and she was gonna be place in a room that would be kept lock most of the time so she wouldn't take off....

and Smarty thought it be best if the room didn't have any windows so she couldn't get any funny ideas of escaping and as I watch the double doors open up I saw it was Greasy and Wheezy who open them up and they seem annoyed with each other cause they cast a glare to each other after they open the doors.

I was the first to get out and follow by Slimy, Flasher and Psycho who was still holding the little weasel in his arms and was holding it like those women do when they hold there babies....I hope Psycho doesn't get too attached to the little guy he does belong to the girl after all...and would be thought of as a accomplice by Smarty...

I stood next to Psycho who was cooing and tickling the little weasel's tummy...
oh yeah he is getting too attached...

"Hey Girl! Wake Up!"Wheezy called out into the back of the car and she curls up in a ball and yell out "five more minutes...."

to which Wheezy seem annoyed by her and I guess he thought that she had a lack of listening so he hop in the back and went over to her and slap her over the head to which she shot right up and held the back of her head with both her hands.

"Ouch!! That Hurt ya Jerk! how would you like it if I slap you over the head if ya all was sleeping!"she said to him to which he crosses his arms over his chest and smirks "yeah right you wouldn't be able to cause you will be lock yeah ain't happening now move it."Wheezy said to her
and she gets up and cast a glare at him and he was heading out first but stop as he looks to Smarty

"hey boss when are we suppose to go back to Bir-"Wheezy said but was cut off by a kick to the back by the girl who yells out

"Move Your Bubble Butt and Let a Lady through!!"she yells out and I couldn't help but snicker a little at the new nickname for Wheezy...
I never heard that was kinda funny and I look to Psycho who was giggling a little and I guess he found it funny too and
the little weasel was making some kind of noises that caught the attention of the girl who gasps "Sniffy! where did you learn that word?! and even if it was mispronounced you shouldn't say it in such a manner! now spill it young weasel! where did you hear that naughty word!"she said as she got out and had her hands on her hips and I couldn't help but think she was acting like a mother scolding their child and that was what she was doing to the little weasel.

who right now was making noises and she listens to him to which I thought was a little strange but it did seem like she understood him.

"Really now? it was the Pink wearing weasel huh?"she said as she looks over to Smarty who was raising his left eyebrow and had his arms crossed over his chest "What...?"he asks and she walks over to him and kicks him well....somewhere a male either he be toon or not is not meant to be kicked and he made a 'Eeeeeeh' sound before dropping down on the ground and he looks up and yells out "You Dumb Broad!! What Was That For?!"though when he said it of course it sounded high pitch...

"for saying the 's' word and in front of a baby weasel no less! he may not be a toon but he can still understand things ya know! and just because blue boy drop some ashes on your lap by mistake don't mean ya can curse like a sailor!"she yells at him and I had no idea what 's' word she was talking about and I look at Greasy who whispers it in my ear and my eyes went wide and now I knew what 's' word she was talking about cause it was the same word that he used when talking to Valiant and he got a soap in his mouth for his words....of course I wasn't there at the time and I was told what happen by Greasy.....

and of course I wasn't there when the others were gonna dip toontown with Doom....

I wasn't even involved in the whole Doom thing at all...I didn't meet them until a few years or so later....
[Bernice's Pov]

Hour Later in the room that I had to stay in....

I couldn't believe these weasels...well some of them was okay and I already became a little I guess friendly acquaintance to Sleazy and Psycho...

though I am not even going near Slimy or let him in my well temporary room....

he so much as open that door I am gonna bust him a new nose hole on his nose of his....if that is even possible...
I am still angry at him for breaking his promise...

Sniffy is being taken care of and watch by Psycho who was put in charge of taking care of by Smarty who was still getting over the whole kicking him below the belt...

I couldn't help but snicker at the thought he is still sounding funny after I did that to him though I guess he will walk it off and be back to talking his normal voice in no time...

what I don't understand and I don't get at all how can they still be alive?
in the movie all the weasels but Smarty died laughing...
Smarty died by getting kick the same way I kick him...and it was Valiant who kick him and what he did I felt my blood got hot as I thought of Valiant kicking Smarty in dip...I mean Smarty might be a jerk but even he doesn't need to get dipped....

and all so I found out from reading some info on Psycho's bio on a website when I was in my room on my computer at the orphanage...
that it could be that Psycho didn't really die laughing after all and something else happen to him that cause him to die....

and from the info I read the cause of his death could of been the dip drenched on the brush that could of killed him with out completely destroying him...cause his spirit did leave his body so that could be the case and that would mean that Psycho didn't really die laughing and had step or touch the brush that had from the info I read up on he lost his footing and landed in the dip drenched brush or sweeper and I guess it did make sense when I read it up....

but that didn't explain how he, Smarty, Greasy, Wheezy and Stupid are still alive....
and how Slimy and Flasher are here as well..weren't they dropped characters of the movie?

and not to mention Sleazy......

I was brought out of my thoughts as the door opens and speaking of which there was Sleazy who was looking serious as he close the door behind him and went over to me and sit next to me on the bed that I was sitting on right now.

"so....I wanted to ask you something Miss....Uh...?"he said as he was trying to think what to call me and I couldn't believe I been around these guys and  I haven't told them my name yet...
"Bernice..."I said to him and he looks up at me "okay mind telling me about that dream you were having...about your mama..."he asks me in a worry tone in his voice...
I look away from him as I felt uncomfortable talking about my past with anyone...even if some already knew my past that was only in the orphanage...but looking at him he look like he really wanted to know...I guess I talk in my sleep and that is how he knew.

"you ain't gonna leave me alone until I tell ya huh?"I said to him to which he nods his head yes and I sigh and I started my long story of the months that started my mistreatment until I was took back to the orphanage and how I made sure I was never adopted again.

he seem really angry and upset after I told him that story and he got up off the bed and stood on his feet "I'm telling the boss!"he said but I stop him from running off to the door by grabbing his left arm "No!!"I yell out and he looks at me with confused eyes and he must of saw how panic my face was cause he now look worried at me....I was pretty sure my face was full of panic right now cause that is how I felt right now...

"you can't tell your boss or anyone! you got to keep this secret! I don't want anyone to make a big deal out of it! even if they did make it a big deal back home at the orphanage that was different! that is home! and I don't want ya to tell them I came from the orphanage either or how I was treated by my last foster family! you gotta promise me Sleazy! Please!"I said in a begging way as I ask him not to tell the others about my past and how my foster mother use to treat me.

Sleazy look mad at first and very serious but he seem to calm down a little and let out a breath of air and nods his head "okay I wont tell them...but you should tell them in your own time ya know..."Sleazy said to me to which I couldn't help but smile...
"yeah but I don't think that will happen any time soon...."I said as he was walking to the door and opens it open and before he leaves I call out to him "Hey Sleazy!"I yell out and he looks my way while still having his hand on the door "yeah?"he asks me and I couldn't help but feel myself smile softly as I felt fresh tears about to form "thanks for listening...."I said and he smiles at me "any time....Bernice."he said before leaving out the door and shutting it and locking it....

I took some air in before I lay down on the bed that had some rip covers and a old pillow that didn't seem to have been clean in years...
and the rest of the room didn't seem all well off least back at the orphanage everything was kept nice and neat like a real home....I wonder if their mothers ever visit them and yell at them for not cleaning this room....

I couldn't help but giggle at that thought and all so the thought of their own mothers scolding them....

for what I picture Wheezy's Mother yelling at him to stop smoking and for Greasy I picture his mother yelling at him to hurry up and get married and give her grandchildren already.

I couldn't help but giggle more at those thoughts before falling asleep...

to be continued...
The Lost Birchwood Ch 9
Credit goes to :iconimaginarytoon1:

Credit for Who Framed Roger Rabbit Movie goes to Robert Zemeckis & Disney

Credit for Who Framed Roger Rabbit Comic Series goes to Gary K. Wolf

I did notice I had mixed up on the words 'aquatints' and acquaintance until now, I will need to fix that over on fanfiction net.

well at least I fixed it on here.

[Chapter 8]----------->…

[Chapter 10]----------->
Nympherella vs Fishface (....kind of.)
Credit for TMNT 2012 series goes to Nickelodeon

Credit for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles goes to Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird

I only own Nympherella.

Nympherella works for Karai.

and Fishface works for Shredder, so of course they are going to fight.

and yes she is sticking out her tongue, I think it works in this drawing.

can't wait for the next new episodes of TMNT 2012, even if it wont be until next month but it will be worth waiting for.

is it weird that I'm thinking of shipping Fishface with Pizzazz of The Misfits? no not the cartoon one, the one from the comic series of Jem and The Holograms

I mean I did a ship drawing of Jem and Spider-Man, so maybe when I can find the time I can do a ship drawing of Pizzazz and Fishface.

I can't help but like the comic series versions better then the originals, like I still like the originals but the comic versions seem way more cool to me.

I still think that Jerrica aka Jem can do better than Rio Pacheco, both the cartoon version and the comic version.

I didn't like how he made her feel in the cartoon, making her afraid to tell him that she was Jem all this time because of how he gets really mad about secrets and lies

everyone has secrets and maybe it was a good thing in the show she didn't tell him that she was Jem because who knows how he would really react to it, maybe even more worse than a hologram version of himself.

and it doesn't help how in the show, he kind of goes after Jem when he's dating Jerrica and makes her feel like he loves Jem more than her.

even when they are both the one and the same, it really isn't fair for Jerrica to go through all that stress with Rio.

that is why I feel she can do better than him.

and besides the whole thinking she should be with Spider-Man thing, I'm starting to think that Evil Deadpool and Shiklah should be together

because it is pretty clear she has stop caring for Deadpool, they should get a annulment aka divorce.

is it weird I think Evil Deadpool should be called Dreadpool?

anyway I hope you like this drawing with Fishface in it and the non-canon oc Nympherella

this is all I'm going to post up for the rest of the day, so anyway see ya later.





United States
working on changing the bio..........


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