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Mama-Pool Says Knock You Out Slapstick by Elzathehedgehog
Mama-Pool Says Knock You Out Slapstick
Credit goes to Marvel Comics

I didn't want to post anything else until maybe tomorrow, but I think this will be the last thing I will post for today I promise

and besides that I was thinking about saving and exiting this, and just post it tomorrow instead but I decided to post it up today

anyway I'm going to go back to what ever I was doing before and by the way this isn't a ship I repeat this is not a ship.

see ya later. 
Mjomba was only a cub when his pack was chased out of the Pride Land by Mufasa who thought they were hyenas

thanks to that mole who told Zazu who then got Mufasa to chase them out

over time the termites grew more and more, without anyone noticing because of the death of Mufasa and Scar's take over as new king

everyone started to notice the changes to the land, but thought it was because Scar was not the rightful king

all of the herds left to find more food, which was grass

when Simba had beat his uncle and took his place as king, all the herds returned

save for the aardwolf pack

who, haven't forgiven Mufasa for chasing them out in the first place and being part of the cause the Pride Lands became so dead looking

it took time for Simba to win the trust of each of the pack of aardwolves

the only one who gave him a chance was Mjomba's pack

and Mjomba who was now the leader and was the same age as Simba, said that he and his pack are only coming back because they are needed to keep the new termites in check and because there is hardly enough where they are right now so what choice do they have but to go home where they belonged.

some of the herds, lionesses and other male lions

still believe the Pride Land going gray and lifeless looking was the cause of Scar and his hyenas but that is not true.........

it was Mufasa's own fault for chasing the young cub Mjomba and his pack and other aardwolf packs as well out of the Pride Lands, it is the reason why everything came out the way it did for everyone

even if he didn't mean to do so, he still must make up for it by helping his grandson whenever he can be there for him

as Mufasa was watching over his grandson and his friends

a lioness came over to him

"you look sad Mufasa, don't tell me you are still beating yourself up for what happen so many years ago........I know you feel guilty but you couldn't of known, they do get mistaken for hyenas all the time."

"but grandmother the pride land becoming so lifeless is my doing, even if I didn't mean for it to happen it still did......I wish I could do things over again and make things right for myself and the aardwolf packs."

"you know that you can not undo the things that have been done were a better king who cared about all life, sure you got that stupid prejudice attitude from that father of yours but you must know that not all hyenas are bad, just like how not all lions are good........your younger brother was proof of that but only because your father made him that way, who in turn was a bad father for playing favorites........I loved both you and your brother dearly and it broke my heart to see Scar become who he was, I tried to teach that father of yours that just because you must teach the older offspring to take your place as king or queen........doesn't mean you should neglect the younger offspring, it will only cause problems in the future."Mufasa's grandmother said

"I should of been a better brother and saw the signs........maybe if I had, I wouldn't of lost my brother to his own darkness."

"I know, but what done is can't change the past."

"but grandmother Nishati, what if you could change the past? I could fix what I done to both my brother and the aardwolves!"

"I know you feel you must take on the whole pride land's past problems on your shoulders for your accidental misdeed, but you must know that your time as king has past and the weight of the duty as king is now with your son who made up for the past by bringing some of the aardwolves back day the others will follow, you will see."Nishati tells her grandson before looking down at her great-great-grandson who just saved a animal.

"he would of made a great king, Kion has a good is really too bad his sister is becoming future queen.......I really don't think she is ready, and I'm not sure she should be hanging out with those two friends of hers so much.......they don't seem to understand that Kion is their prince even if he isn't going to be king he is still the prince........."Nishati said as she glares at her great-great-granddaughter's two friends Zuri and Tiifu who she believed were bad influences on her great-great-granddaughter and were giving her the wrong idea on what it means to be the princess and future heir.

"come now grandmother, Tiifu and Zuri are good cubs they just need more time to grow out of well........."

"being snobs and turning my great-great-granddaughter into one as well, I didn't not raise my own daughter to be like that and I made sure she didn't hang out with such cubs who thought they were better than everyone and learning my own great-grandson is letting his own daughter be friends with such girls is just....*growl*.....I should spank him for letting her be friends with such girls!"

 Mufasa couldn't help but chuckle at his grandmother's speech about when she was young she was told never to become a snob because such a thing was not good for her subjects to see.

"why I remember those two girls own great-great-grandmothers and how mean they were to me during my own cub years, they would call me names and everything! but as soon as I took my older sister's place as queen because she was killed by Kiburi..........they started to be nice and trying to get on my good side ever since I became queen but I never bought it."

"grandmother I been meaning to ask you, should I tell Kion about grandfather Kiburi?"

"no, I believe we should only tell him when he is all most close to finding where Kiburi is imprisoned.........and don't call that lion grandfather, he is no father to me anymore........"

"but even if he was a monster.........he was still your father."

"yes, and him hiding such a monstrous side to him and lying to all of us is the reason why I made sure to teach you to watch out for everyone and make sure no one goes to where Kiburi is......your brother was nothing like my father, not even close.......and that I'm glad and grateful for........but I am still sadden on what kind of lion he became because of your father, my own son-in-law's own neglect and it is one of the reasons why your mother left him......."

"I that is why she left......."

"but all that aside, you must understand that you must not blame yourself for your mistake for kicking out the aardwolves and yes your grandson made the same mistake but he made up for it and didn't wait too late to do so........I'm sure in time the rest of the aardwolves will forgive you in time, so please don't look back in that past that can not be undone."Nishati tells him before leaving to leave him alone so he may talk to his grandson.

Mufasa knew he couldn't go back and change the mistake he had caused for everyone by kicking out those aardwolves but he was happy that his son told Kion about aardwolves and what they look like and where they like to sleep, if he hadn't told him........history would repeat itself.

he could only hope that his past with his own brother, wont repeat with his own grandchildren.

The End



Mufasa's Fault And Nishati's Words of Comfort
Credit for Lion Guard and Lion King goes to Disney

after thinking over what happen in the first movie and then finding out the job of the aardwolves

it would make sense that Mufasa was the real cause of the Pride Land becoming so dead looking over time after his passing and his son running away.

it is because he chased out all the aardwolves who he thought were all hyenas

by the way I have reason to believe that well perhaps the show Right Now Kapow is a ripoff of that old show of All That and maybe even the Amanda Show but I'm not really 100% sure if that is right or not, and I believe it was a mistake for them to replace Wander Over Yonder for Right Now Kapow

I mean sure the ones who made the show was the same ones who worked on that show Mad, but still it took the place of such a great show that was cheated out of getting another season

and it is hard to believe that it happen but maybe one day Wander Over Yonder's Season 3 will be made and the fans will be able to trust Disney XD fully once again,

I just hope that things will work out better in the future and we will get a season 3 someday.

and I guess if I think about it the show Right Now Kapow is a little of a mix of the show Mad, but I think that maybe Mad was better.

but maybe Right Now Kapow's next episodes will be better and change my mind about it, but I still feel it wrongfully replaced Wander Over Yonder and it's Season 3 

and anyway, I hope you all like the idea of Mufasa being the cause of the problems that happen in the future in the first movie

because I think it might be true in a way, well that is what I believe anyway

and well anyway I hope that everyone is having a good day or night, well it is morning now where I'm at

the other day when I was watching Nightmare before Christmas, I became tired and fell asleep so I didn't watch all of it

I think this is all I'm going to post up for today.


"what was that?"Chungu asked in surprise from the loud squawk

"that would be the squawk of my breakfast! and you ain't getting any!"Cheezi tells him before he starts to make a run to where the squawk came from

"Aw.....but that ain't fair, why can't I have some?"Chungu asked as he ran after Cheezi trying to catch up even though the other had a head start

by the time that Cheezi got to the ridge the bird was gone, but some of it's feathers were spread all over the place

"it's gone! the weird looking bird is gone!!" and behind him, Chungu was climbing up from the bottom that leads to the out lands and he was out of breath.

"wait........we were going to have a weird looking bird for breakfast?"

"NO, I was........and I was going to share with you, but you don't need me sharing with you......."

"Aww, is this still about my dream? look I'm sorry, it is just there wasn't enough to go around it was a very small zebra."

"how small?"Cheezi asks as he looks over to him while his back was facing him

"well.............about the size of a hippo."Chungu said and this very much made Cheezi's eyes go wide before getting a very angry look on his face as he turns around to face Chungu

"THAT ISN'T SMALL! IF IT IS AS BIG AS A HIPPO THEN IT HAS TO BE ENOUGH FOR THREE HYENAS!"Cheezi yells as he gets in Chungu's face and their noses touch a little as he look him straight in Chungu's eyes

"so you forgive me right?"

"as if!"

then Cheezi pounces on Chungu and they start to roll all over the place scratching and biting well Cheezi was doing all the scratching and biting

just as Cheezi had Chungu pinned down and was growling at him,

they both heard a crying sound, "what was that?"Chungu asked

"I don't know, it sounded strange."Cheezi says as he let's Chungu up and thought to himself that he would deal with Chungu later

they both started to sniff around

"hey Cheezi look what I found!"

Chungu had found a blanket tied on top, not that he or Cheezi would know what a blanket is.

"What is it?"Cheezi asks as he walks over to Chungu and the strange white leaf well that is what Cheezi thought it was.

"I don't know, it looks like a white leaf."

"that's what I was thinking, but just because we were thinking the same thing....that doesn't mean I forgive you I'm still mad at you."

Chungu looks away sadly

as Cheezi got a little closer and started to sniff the blanket and when his nose poked inside the hole of the blanket and sniffed inside

there was a giggle and then something grabbed Cheezi's nose and wouldn't let go even as he tried to pull away

just as he pulled away hard enough

the blanket came untied and when it did they saw what look to be a small hairless monkey with only what seem to be yellow fur on it's head and it had big blue eyes

"what is it?"Chungu asked as he never seen a monkey that looked like that

"I don't know, it looks like a monkey but with hair on it's body, except on it's head and it smells really weird and not yummy at all like how a antelope does......
instead it smells like a weird smell and whole bunch of flowers too."Cheezi said as he puts his paw on his nose

"oh I like flowers, there so nice and make me feel all sleepy."Chungu said as he goes over to the small baby human who he and Cheezi thought was some kind of monkey.

"hey you know, it kind of looks about the same size as a baby baboon........I think it is a baby, a very ugly hairless baby baboon!" after Chungu said that

Cheezi squint his eyes at the small thing and then he started to smile "yeah it does look like a hairless baby baboon! maybe we can keep it."

"why would we want to keep it?"

"I don't know, I just want to keep it and I think I will name it............Cyndi!"Cheezi said with a goofy smile on his face

"why Cyndi?"

"because when I was really little, I was all most named Cyndi and plus I'm pretty sure this hairless baby baboon is a girl."

"how can you tell?"Chungu asked

"I can't, but even if it was a boy I would call it Cyndi anyway."

Cheezi then walks over to the hairless baby baboon and pick them up by their diaper and started to head back into the out lands

"so does this mean your not mad at me anymore?"

"nope!"Cheezi says with his mouth closed and making sure not to drop the 'hairless baby baboon' that was really a human baby that came from was a place that only Storks live

"aw come on why wont you forgive me for having that dream!"

"I will only forgive you if you say your sorry and give me some zebra that you hunt yourself with no help from Janja!"

"Aw! Okay, but when we get back what are we gonna tell him about the hairless baby baboon?"

"we tell him when he is in a good mood, it's best that we wait but until he is in a good enough mood I know someone who can watch Cyndi until we know it will be safe to have Janja meet her."

"really who?"

"Jasiri."Cheezi replies

The End...........Until Next Time.  


Cheezi and Chungu Find a Baby Part 2-of-2
Credit for Lion Guard and Lion King goes to Disney

Credit for The Baby That I named Cyndi goes to this place

if you haven't read Part 1 yet please go to this link of part 1 -------------->…

I know this short Two Part story isn't perfect but I think it is fine the way it is,

and well anyway I'm just going to watch a movie, by the way if you are wondering about the stork that was with Cyndi in the very start of Part 1, well he was ate

by who I can't say, but if I make another short story of this

I might show who ate the unlucky stork,

well see ya later I'm going to watch a movie now. 
Spark Unity with Friends with a Message by Elzathehedgehog
Spark Unity with Friends with a Message
Credit for Equestria Girls and My Little Pony Friendship is Magic goes to Lauren Faust and Hasbro

Credit for the base… goes to :iconj-j-bases:

Spark Unity is a non-canon Earth Pony, so please PLEASE do not take her seriously and any bully comments will be hidden 

now I'm going to go back to watching some shows and maybe even a movie later, I hope everyone understands the message I wrote on there and gets it's meaning.



United States
working on changing the bio..........

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