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and again I meant to put 'stupid cops were assaulting black people'

but because I was so upset I didn't notice until after it was posted up and I had to fix it because I forgot the word

and after fixing it I notice one person had saw it already but I don't know who but I can't help but feel there could be a misunderstanding

and not only that, but I would of felt so upset if it wasn't for that one comment that would make me feel like I should explain about the misunderstanding and how I feel and well.......

has anyone else while typing thought they spelled the word they were going to use but it comes out not being there or misspelled?

and well I still feel those cops are stupid for doing such assaulting, and well.......this is the last journal I'm going to put up I promise, I just felt that I should explain once more and hope the first person who saw the first one and well didn't know that I was editing it and fixing it because I had forgot a word, and well I will post up a new journal next month and I hope that first person who read this Just Forget it.....My Words on it don't matter.

while I was in the middle of editing and fixing the word I had forgot, but that I thought I put down before but sadly didn't because I was to upset to notice

and well I hope they can forgive me for any misunderstanding they might have and I wish they hadn't saw it before I could fix it and well sorry I am upset but maybe everything will work out and they will

understand that it was a spelling mistake and at times when someone is upset enough and they have words they want to say but at times they forget to type something with out meaning to and they don't mean for something to sound what it seems..........and well I guess I should of checked for any spelling mistakes before I posted it up and I wouldn't feel so worried about one person misunderstanding.

and again I'm sorry for any misunderstandings and for not noticing a typing mistake I made and forgetting one word and how it might of came off as a misunderstanding........and it didn't help I was crying while

typing and how upset I was at the thought the other thing I posted and what I was trying to explain came off as a misunderstanding and that one comment on it made me feel bad and made me feel I had to explain and well if I wasn't so stupid and upset and didn't post that other one saying I was sorry for any misunderstanding and I should of checked first before I posted it up and I wouldn't be trying to say sorry and trying to explain it is a misunderstanding and that I forgot to type 'cops' when I was trying to say they were stupid for that whole assaulting thing but it came out wrong because I didn't notice in time and when I was going to edit and fix it someone saw it and now there might be a big misunderstanding and well.........I'm sorry for that I really am and if they read more they might of known that I guess........

I just really need time to myself until monday and I hope everyone isn't annoyed or mad at me for posting another journal up after the last two.......see you on monday.

and I really will try to not post another journal until next month.
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I'm sorry I miss-typed on here Just Forget it.....My Words on it don't matter.

and I hadn't notice until just a few moments and well as I said before I was really upset while typing and I hadn't notice that I forgot the word 'cop' while trying to explain how the stupid cops were assaulting black people

and well when I was editing it, it seems someone had already seen it while I was in the middle of editing/fixing it after I notice the mistake and well I'm scared they will misunderstand what I was saying and don't know the mistake and mistype I had made and didn't see that I had forgot the word 'cop' while explaining because I was so upset and worried and well I'm just worried they will misunderstand and not know that I made a error and had forgot to put 'cops' when I was typing and well..........I had fixed it to late when I had notice it right after posting it up.

and I was hoping no one would read it yet after I fixed it and well I'm just scared that it will come off as a misunderstanding even after I tried to explain the mistake while I was typing because I was upset and well........if they happen to see this I hope they can understand and aren't mad at me for a misunderstanding and that I didn't mean for it to seem like what they may think because I had forgot to place one word because I was so upset............and well............I'm just going to take a few days to myself now because........well I really need to have time to myself.

after that whole misunderstanding

and I'm going to link this to the first journal just in case. 
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even if I was trying to help but speaking my mind about those stupid cops assaulting black people(sorry if anyone saw it with out the 'cop' word in it but I just notice and I was really upset when I was writing this. and I had fixed/edited to late and someone saw it before I was able to edited it on time before anyone could see it)

and plus you know this that I posted up Just Found Out What Happen in Milwaukee

and well it seems that the first comment I got on it, was very happy and I can't help but feel there has been a misunderstanding.......

I mean from what they said, they made me feel like I was wrong........and even sending some links in the comment and well

as I said before as a reply I want everyone to be treated fairly and not be attacked.........

and well even if I might of got a little of it wrong, but some of it could be right

like those cops attacking first and causing a mess, I mean the bad ones who seem to take their hate on someone who is different

and well I really didn't want to make another journal until next month as I said before but I just had to after reading that first comment.......

plus I can't help but feel no one is listening to me in that last one, like my words aren't really getting through

I mean how some of the cops (but not all of them.) have been acting is not a good example for anyone and well I know there was a misunderstanding and well when I was trying to explain my feelings and what I found even if it might of been wrong and I regret that but if you all understood my feelings and how I hate the bad cops who have been causing trouble for everyone who haven't done anything wrong and well

me trying to explain while I'm really upset because of the cops being the cause of it all well the bad ones anyway, and how that kind of action can and may cause something to happen

and I want to say sorry to the person who seem to thought I was being mean, well it sure felt that way to me and if it seem that way I wasn't meaning to I just well.

I'm just going to stop talking about that because I'm worried that what I was trying to explain came off as offensive even if I didn't mean to 

like if you try to explain something and it comes out as a misunderstanding, and well I just want to say that I don't want to try to talk about it anymore even if I still feel those cops should do the right thing and stop attacking others because of either a misunderstanding or because those cops are racist and shouldn't be cops in the first place.......

but then again what I have to say on it might only come out as a misunderstanding and no one might of saw that one woman record live on what that one cop did to her husband or was it boyfriend?

and well as much as I want to try to stand up for how wrong those cops are for causing such trouble and trying to explain it and well........I give up, so I will just hope that those kinds of cops will be fired

and well sorry again for any misunderstandings, now if you excuse me I'm going to watch something to help me feel a little more better and feel a little less bad like how I am feeling right now and well I might take a few days to myself maybe until monday, and well I will try not to post another journal until September, so sorry for posting up another one so soon.

and well I hope you all are doing okay even after the weather we all have been having  and I'm sorry that anything I said before was wrong and came out as a misunderstanding when I was trying to explain it.

see ya in a few days.



again I hadn't notice that I forgot a word because I was so upset and well I had meant to put 'cops' but it seems while I was typing I had forgot and it made it sound that I was being well you know

and well I wanted to fix it before anyone saw it and it comes out as a misunderstanding

and I really did want to fix it before it was seen but it seem one person has and well here is a link to it  I'm Sorry I had edited the mistake to late

and again I'm sorry that I didn't notice in time and if I had notice my spelling mistake and me forgetting that one word while typing and well it wouldn't of come out as a misunderstanding to one person

and I really didn't want anyone to see it until I fixed it but now there might be a misunderstanding and well if anyone can understand about when you are typing something but you forget to type a word but you thought you did but then you notice you didn't and you try to go back to fix it but it is to late and someone saw it and might get the wrong impression of you and didn't know you made that mistake and forgot to put a word in the middle and well...........I'm just going to take the few days until monday to myself now.........and I'm sorry for any new misunderstanding to the first person who read this.

and I hope they understand that I was upset and didn't mean what they thought I meant and that I had forgot a word that I thought I typed down and well.......I'm just going to shut up now......and again sorry for any misunderstandings.
Tang Shen The Vampire of The Foot Clan by Elzathehedgehog
Tang Shen The Vampire of The Foot Clan
Credit for TMNT 2012 series goes to Nickelodeon

Credit for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles goes to Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird 

I must be weird of thinking that Tang Shen might become a vampire in the TMNT 2012 series, but of course it would be non-canon

like when she was about to die she was turned into a vampire by another vampire

and plus she could hate her husband and Shredder for what happen because she sees them to be the blame of it all and why she missed out in her own daughter growing up

and even seeing them as the cause of her daughter's mutation

and well it is kind of both of their fault if you think about it as well as the death of Tang Shen

as well as her being left for dead and barley holding on to life and being turned into a vampire

of course the vampire part is non-canon

and well I have to wonder if anyone would like this non-canon idea about her becoming a vampire on the same day she was suppose to die?

anyway I'm going to get a ice cream and watch some shows that I like.

see ya later.  
[Author's Note: this is a poem that is suppose to be like in a point of view of the children both a little older and young babies, this poem is for them]
you took the life we had away

the moment you left us in the car


oh why, didn't we mean anything to you

the first breath we had that was from you

the first laugh we had that came from you

so why did you leave us alone in a car

in a hot day,

knowing the danger it would be bringing

and take us away

you said you loved us

but was that really true?

cause if you really loved us

you wouldn't leave us alone in a car

and we wouldn't be heaven so soon,

some kids and babies are lucky

and are saved on time

but for all of us now

who never got a chance to live more than a few months or a few years

we are the innocent ones who have done nothing wrong,

you were the wrong ones for you should know

that leaving a child in a car

in a hot day like it was,

was just asking for trouble

and the life you took away

you may ask yourself

if I will ever forgive you for what you did

leaving me alone while you went off to do your shopping or go party with your friends

but should I forgive you for the lack of love you showed me when I was still with you

maybe in my next life

I will be loved and protected

and never left alone in a car,

for all of us know what you did was wrong

and you never really loved me at all.

cause if you did, I would still be here today.
The Words of The Lost Babies
this is in memory of the 7 month baby over at Texas and all other babies and little kids who weren't saved on time

this is a poem that is for them, which is the words I think they would say to those who caused them to be well you know.

I just wrote this a few minutes ago, and well I tried the best I could on this and it isn't to short or to long

this poem that was made in memory of them, might not be perfect but at least I tried.


United States
working on changing the bio..........

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