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Challenging And Taking Down Captain Marvel Part 1
The Year is 2017 and everything is peaceful thanks to Captain Marvel, and everyone loves her for what she and those on her team has done................but there is one who knows better than to love her for what she had done to framed heroes.
in the apartment of a family known as Swanton
"I will not forgive that monster woman for what she has done,
she needs to go down for the crimes she has done, she dares call herself a hero
she is no hero, she is not worth to call a villain"a girl thought to themselves as they pack up some much needed items they were taking 
she had long hair down to the back of her knees

"where do you think your going young lady?"a tall man who had a few gray hairs asked and who was the girl's father was standing outside her bedroom's door and giving her a questionable look.
"I'm going to save everyone from Captain Marvel, everyone sees her as a hero after that hero civil war but she is not! she is a monster! and I am going to take her down!"
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Two Tiny Trespassers
“C’mon furbrains! It’s time to get movin’!” Janja told his two companions.
“Give us a few more minutes, Janja.” Cheezi said while chewing on a bone.
“Yeah. Let us finish these leftovers first.” Chungu added while he was doing the same.
Janja rolled his eyes in annoyance.
It was another usual, boring day in the Outlands. Janja came up with another scheme to send a herd into chaos in the Pridelands. However, when he told Chungu and Cheezi to leave the Outlands with him, they wanted to spend a few minutes chewing on bones first.
“That’s what you said five minutes ago!” The leader ranted. “Listen you two. If a herd disappears by the time you two finish, I’ll-“
Janja stopped his rant just to smell something suspicious. He deeply narrowed his eyes. “I smell trespassers.”
Janja went up to Chungu and Cheezi and knocked the bones that were in front of them away just to get their attention. Imme
:icons233220:s233220 12 20
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okay I know I said I would wait until next month to post anymore drawings up, but I just had to post one more today that I drew yesterday after well a very mean comment that I really wont go into right now.

but anyway I hope that my friends and everyone else can understand where I am coming from when the feeling to post and when ya try not to but you end up posting anyway

and anyway I'm going to really try to keep my word even if I don't mean to break it.

and as I said in the drawing I posted before a few minutes ago

my self confidence isn't the best, I guess at times it would be better I guess but there will be that feeling of not being all that great.

and being made to feel like garbage by someone who would not only insult my drawing but even call me a name that just made me cry so much and well I think it went too far

I mean even if they do have a friendly looking Avatar, they were anything but friendly to me

and well I can't help but feel, that if I yelled at them they would just make things more worse and if I had let myself even more worked up it would of been partly my own fault

because I let them get to me and I would of let them get to me even more if I had reply back to what they said.

it's one thing to have a dislike comment, but being a bully is a whole different story

and what they were doing was something that was not very nice and well I just don't want to say who they were, and I just need to try to put it behind me and hope things get better

they don't know me, they don't know how much I'm trying in the things I do and some ideas I have take a while to happen

and I tend to get a new idea for a story and well I end up not being able to work on the other one for a while but I do finish some of my stories even if it might not seem that way to some

I'm not perfect, I let things get to me and the most awful words that can hurt me can at times hurt me more than accidentally scratching myself and it ends up bleeding

and it had to be tended to and I had to have a band aid on for it, it happen a few days ago but I'm fine now

it did leave a place though but it's fine, anyway I'm going to see if I can't get something to eat and maybe watch something that might take my mind off of things.

and I promise I will try not to post anymore until next month and I'm going to try to ignore the feeling of wanting to post when I said I would wait. 
Little Sis ChibiKuudere-Chan: Koeda Aishi of 2017
Made with DeviantArt muro

Credit for Yandere Simulator goes to :iconyanderedev:

this is just a little sister I made up, I drew her after reading a very mean comment that made me cry before on March 15 yesterday

from what you can tell by her size, she is very young and I think I will make it so that her birthday is well the same month and day I drew her.

I did the best that I could on this, I know that to some my drawings aren't well any good given that how one person can well make me feel so bad from a comment that was a little too far and was name calling me

and well anyway I know I said this before that I  wouldn't post anything else until next month

and well I'm thinking of posting just two more drawings up this one and well a Dragon Ball Drawing I did that I drew that I wanted to wait until next month to post

but anyway even if I was really upset before yesterday, I'm fine now and I'm going to try to keep my word this time and about the just posting two more drawings up, I think maybe it would be best that I wait until maybe next month to post it

okay well, I'm going to try to keep my promise to myself and to friends and everyone else, that this with the other drawings I did will be all until next month

I just hope I don't have to hear from that person who called me such a name, I mean my self confidence isn't the best now and well I'm going to try to do better even if a person like that one who called me a hurtful name and well lucky I had did the right thing and blocked them, I wanted to reply to them but I decided not to because well I guess it would of been a really really bad idea for one.

oh and after I found out there is already a Kuudere, I decided to edit this before I post it up to change it to Chibi Kuudere-Chan

I haven't really played the game, don't know when or if I will be able to or not.

anyway this time for real is the last post until next month, so anyway later.

PS: I really will try to keep myself from posting anymore drawings, and if the need to post feeling happens again I will try to do something else to keep myself from posting anymore until then.
They Want Vengeance on King Dreemurr
Made with DeviantArt muro
even though I said I would wait until next month to post another drawing, I decided to post one more and well this is it(I really mean it this time and I will try to hold off from posting anymore until next month.)

Credit for Undertale goes to Toby Fox

watching something that has to do with FNAF, and thinking about well the Undertale game

it made me get the idea to draw this,

(I Placed What Before in Code Because of The First Comment on This, that hurt my feelings.) 

20-8-5 1-19-18-9-5-12 4-18-5-5-13-21-18-18 9-14 20-8-9-19 4-18-1-23-9-14-7, 9-19-14'20 20-8-5 15-14-5 20-8-1-20 9-19 14-15-23 6-12-15-23-5-25

23-5-12-12 12-5-20 13-5 16-21-20 9-20 20-8-9-19 23-1-25, 20-8-5-25 1-18-5 20-8-5 19-1-13-5 2-21-20 25-5-20 20-8-5-25 1-18-5 14-15 12-15-14-7-5-18

23-8-5-14 20-8-5 25-15-21-14-7 16-18-9-14-3-5 4-9-5-4, 8-9-19 13-15-14-19-20-5-18 19-15-21-12 19-8-15-21-12-4 15-6 5-14-4-5-4 21-16 12-9-11-5 8-9-19 2-15-4-25, 20-21-18-14-9-14-7 9-14-20-15 4-21-19-20

20-8-1-20 23-8-1-20 13-1-4-5 21-16 8-9-19 2-15-4-25 20-21-18-14 9-14-20-15 4-21-19-20 1-14-4 23-5-14-20 1-12-12 15-22-5-18 20-8-5 6-12-15-23-5-18-19

20-8-5 20-8-9-14-7 20-8-1-20 13-1-11-5-19 8-9-19 19-15-21-12 5-14-4-5-4 21-16 23-9-20-8 1 19-13-1-12-12 16-9-5-3-5 15-6 3-8-1-18-1'19 1-14-4 22-9-3-5 22-5-18-19-1

25-15-21 23-9-12-12 14-15-20-9-3-5 20-8-9-19 9-14 20-8-5 4-18-1-23-9-14-7 20-8-1-20 9-14 20-8-5 13-9-4-4-12-5 15-6 20-8-5 8-5-1-18-20-19 20-8-5-25 8-1-22-5 1 16-1-18-20 15-6 5-1-3-8 15-20-8-5-18,

9 3-1-14'20 8-5-12-16 2-21-20 20-8-9-14-11 20-8-5 8-21-13-1-14-19 23-8-15 6-5-12-12 9-14 20-8-5 21-14-4-5-18-7-18-15-21-14-4 9-14 20-8-5 7-1-13-5, 13-9-7-8-20 5-14-4 21-16 10-21-19-20 12-9-11-5 20-8-5 15-14-5-19 9-14 6-14-1-6

9 13-5-1-14 9 7-21-5-19-19 9-20 9-19 16-15-19-19-9-2-12-5, 1-14-4 9-6 20-8-5 19-16-9-18-9-20-19 15-6 3-8-1-18-1 1-14-4 1-19-18-9-5-12 (14-15-20 20-8-5 6-12-15-23-5-18 15-14-5.) 19-1-23 23-8-1-20 8-1-16-16-5-14 20-15 5-1-3-8 15-6 20-8-5 8-21-13-1-14 3-8-9-12-4-18-5-14

23-5-12-12 9 20-8-9-14-11 20-8-5-25 23-15-21-12-4 7-18-15-23 20-15 8-1-20-5 23-8-1-20 23-1-19 8-1-16-16-5-14-9-14-7 1-14-4 4-5-3-9-4-5 20-15 8-5-12-16 20-8-5-13

12-9-11-5 1-6-20-5-18 5-22-5-18-25-15-14-5 9-19 6-18-5-5, 20-8-5-25 23-9-12-12 7-15 1-6-20-5-18 20-8-5 13-15-14-19-20-5-18 15-18 13-15-14-19-20-5-18-19 9-6 1-14-25-15-14-5 8-1-4 1 16-1-18-20 9-14 9-20

1-14-4 7-9-22-5 20-8-5-13 1 2-1-4 20-9-13-5.

9 20-8-9-14-11 9 23-9-12-12 4-18-1-23 13-15-18-5 15-6 20-8-9-19 23-8-5-14 9 3-1-14, 9-20 19-5-5-13-19 12-9-11-5 1 9-14-20-5-18-5-19-20-9-14-7 9-4-5-1.

9 5-22-5-14 1-4-4-5-4 20-8-18-5-5 15-20-8-5-18 8-21-13-1-14-19 23-8-15 19-15-21-12-19 1-18-5 13-1-4-5 21-16 15-6 10-15-25, 4-5-22-15-20-9-15-14 1-14-4 6-15-18-7-9-22-5-14-5-19-19 23-8-9-3-8 3-15-12-15-18-19 1-18-5 12-9-7-8-20 25-5-12-12-15-23, 12-9-7-8-20 16-21-18-16-12-5 1-14-4 16-9-14-11 1-14-4 23-8-15 14-1-13-5-19 1-18-5 19-13-1-12-12, 19-5-7-15-5 1-14-4 3-9-14-4-9

9 20-8-9-14-11 20-8-5 20-8-18-5-5 23-1-14-20 20-15 6-15-18-7-9-22-5 8-9-13, 2-21-20 1-20 20-8-5 19-1-13-5 20-9-13-5 9-20 9-19 14-15-20 5-1-19-25 6-15-18 20-8-5-13 20-15 4-15 19-15 1-14-4 5-22-5-14 9-6 20-8-5-25 23-5-18-5-14'20 11-9-12-12-5-4 2-25 20-8-5 11-9-14-7

20-8-5-25 23-5-18-5 2-25 15-20-8-5-18 13-15-14-19-20-5-18-19 2-21-20 10-21-19-20 1-19 20-8-5-25 23-5-18-5 1-2-15-21-20 20-15 20-1-11-5 20-8-5 19-15-21-12, 20-8-5-25 7-15-20 1-23-1-25 1-14-4 20-8-5-14 23-15-21-12-4 12-1-20-5-18 2-5-3-15-13-5 19-16-9-18-9-20-19

1-14-4 1-20 19-15-13-5 16-15-9-14-20 20-8-5-25 23-15-21-12-4 13-5-5-20 20-8-5 15-20-8-5-18 8-21-13-1-14-19 20-8-1-20 6-5-12-12.

1-14-4 20-8-5-25 23-15-21-12-4 23-15-18-11 20-15-7-5-20-8-5-18 20-15 7-5-20 2-1-3-11 1-20 20-8-5 15-14-5-19 23-8-15 8-21-18-20 20-8-5-13.

I think the FNAF song Balloons would fit the kxpdq fkloguhq wkdw ihoo lq wkh xqghujurxqg

and I think I'm still a little tired, I mean I took a long nap after posting up well me talking about my feelings and but I didn't take a nap right away not after I finished watching what I was watching

and well I think I ended up sleeping the rest of the day away but my eyes feel tired, guess the sleep is not really out of them I think one eye is more tired then the other.

and because the nap I took was so long, I didn't get to work on what I really wanted to work on but maybe I can do that later or the day after tomorrow maybe.

when I woke up, and got back on my computer and I found something that was like a movie that I started to watch and well then I got the idea to draw this and so yeah I did

I think I will go back to bed maybe in a little while or so if I still feel tired, but right now I want to watch a episode of Dragon Ball.

and again I promise this is the last drawing I'm going to post up for this month, I tried to keep that promise before but I really wanted to post those drawings up and well anyway see ya later.


okay I had to edit this to say, what I said about the idea about Fkdud dqg Dvulho'v vrxo ending up like well the one in this drawing,

is not canon in the game it is just a idea that is just a fan idea what could happen as well as the idea about the whole revenge thing 

and by the way the first comment, well it really hurt I'm going to hide what I wrote before in code.  

or at least some of it.

it was not my intention to spoiler anything for anyone, and what was said to me was a little too far and I wanted to reply back to the comment but I decided not to.

I did tell one person what they did but I did not give out the name, I really don't want to have anything to do with someone who would do such a thing and not care about someone's feelings.

calling someone what they called me was just too much, I hate how they made me feel and well after what happen and after telling the friend about it I started to go draw a new drawing that of course I'm going to wait to post next month and well while drawing I started to listen to some music that fit what I was feeling,

I had got better after what happen before when I started to think of well something that happen last year, and I know it will take some time to fully get over if it still makes me cry

but still even when I start to feel a little more better after I went back to bed and well, I just need time.

what that person said to me

it brought  my mood down, I mean I do feel a little better and stop crying but I now feel a little mad and I just need to try to cool off 

it makes the ones who do look at my work but don't comment or fave seem like a blessing, because at least they are nice enough not to say such terrible things

and well I like to thank them for at least and well anyway I'm just going to go now, I just started to cry again and so I'm just going to go and do something that might take my mind off of the comment that was on here before but I hid it after well reading it, and anyway see ya later and sorry if it may of seem like I was

I'm just going to go now, bye.
yeah, well this really isn't a drawing post or a story post more like

talking about what just happen post,

okay so I started to think about something that well I'm still not over, I mean I thought I was some what over it

but just thinking about it and well really wondering why and well, I couldn't help but cry.

maybe there are others who have been where I am, and even when you think your over it but if your feeling not all happy at the moment and you start to think about it as well

and you keep thinking about it, you will start to cry.

I guess I do feel a little better after the cry

and I know last year and even a few years back, wasn't the best for me and there are still some parts of myself that perhaps aren't healed

I mean I might seem the same to everyone, and well maybe I kind of am but I know that I will need to try to do my best and try to relax when I feel well not all that great

when I feel that well not so happy feeling, I'm okay now really I am

before we had someone stay with us before, I must of told some of you about that and how they went from nice to showing a side that was not well nice.

and when they and with those with them stayed with us, I felt trapped

I didn't feel that way before but in time how they were treating my mom, everyone and even messing up the place we were living at before and even acting out

they caused so much trouble for those who were living near us, I guess over time pieces of myself started to break

then add the fact my so called now ex-aunt made things worse and wanted us to move into the house that she herself use to live in

and well long story short, after moving in started to get the feeling of being really down and it wasn't until I was better that I figured out I was depressed

and figuring out what they put me through was the real reason for it well I just hope I don't have to see them again any time soon after what happen.

and well even if things did start to look up and started to feel well like my old self like 100% and not just the small %

something took it away, and well I hope that I can really get over every little bit of the stuff that happen before

and how it was causing my feelings is the reason why I got my Amethyst necklace

well at least I have my good days more than I do my bad ones right now, at least I think...

and well I do get tired and take naps so that is nice.

and well the best thing I can do is just try to not let the stuff that bothered me before, not bother me or if it does I will try to ignore it

and try to either nap it off or play a video game or watch something that might make me feel better.

and maybe reading something on fan fiction net, I have hardly done that come to think of it maybe like not very much.

but I will read something over there when I can, maybe today if I have the time and I'm not doing something else.

at least I was able to update one of my stories on there

and well the chapters I'm working on right now is taking some time, but I hope to finish them when I can and update it over there.

and even if I do have times when I stop believing in myself, I could try to not fully give in to that feeling and try to do what I love

I think in a few hours I will work more on the chapter I'm working on right now, I'm not working on this moment but you know more like currently but I take breaks from writing it to do other things like draw or watch something or like write something that isn't a story but more like a song that might never be played.

and I know there are still some things that bothers me, like how it came to me that native americans don't get much respect

I mean when was the last time anyone seen someone on tv say that is was native american day on the month?

I wonder if some are starting to forget the native american Indians were here first, I mean yeah there some people who are family of both but still I just feel that some part of history isn't right

I'm thinking about with well Pocahontas, I know that the men in my family from way way WAY back then weren't well the best or very good and well there are some that are good

but her being taken by the English back then, I can't help but feel her time with them.........they might of well kind of force their views, well I could be wrong but it is just how I think

and I can't help but think that her own husband was slowly poisoning her, I guess I can be wrong

anyway I did some new drawings today that of course I'm going to try to wait to post them next month

by the way something that someone said in a comment before, on well a Ask type drawing you know you ask the character something and they reply of course I don't think I will update it for a while.

and well I did end up blocking them because well even when I asked them not to ask such a thing again, they just ended up asking it over and over.........I even did a reply drawing of it, but still it kind of feels like they were asking not just my character but myself as well........and well it made me feel not comfortable

at least one of my friends were kind of enough to tell them about what was wrong with what they were asking.........and I'm glad they were on my side and knew that I didn't feel right about what they asked.

I wont say what it was that the person asked, it is something that well it is just something that I wish I could forget but can't seem to at the moment

and I hated it that they didn't respect me enough to understand that I ask them not to ask such a thing again and then they end up asking it again in the reply after I told them not to ask such a thing again

and well anyway I'm going to go back to watching a episode I'm watching.

anyway this is all I'm going to post up until maybe next month, hope you all don't mind me talking a little of my feelings and anyway see ya later.   
Some Things, Are Not Easy To Get Over
I really don't want to go into what they asked and wouldn't stop asking after I told them the first time not to ask it again........
Asaria is Them And They Are Embarrassed
Made with DeviantArt muro

Credit for Undertale goes to Toby Fox

this is what I believe what they would look like fused

and well this is kind of based off of Garnet from Steven Universe.

and well this would be like a AU of them, where they stay that way forever

the hair color is suppose to be a mix of well Chara and Flowey's former self's hair color

I still think of Chara as well a girl, but this new being that they and Flowey formed together could use the pronouns they and them.

this form might be very different then the first form that was made from Chara and Asriel, which could of been made out of malice and hate from Chara's side and sadness and doubt from Asriel's side

and it perhaps made the form they took very scary and nothing like the normal monster or human,

but if the bond is well strong enough and there is a full heart of trust in it, they could of become what Flowey and Chara had formed together

well that is what I think, I mean I think the reasons why Chara hates humans even if they are because of something that happen to them in the past and it cause them to form a dark outlook on life

and I can't say I blame them for it, I mean perhaps all their life they been hurt by those around them until they ended up in the underground........and only being around people who have hurt you,

I think that the ones that Chara wanted to 'hurt' while they were fused with Asriel, could of been very bad people and maybe those who were once her family

my guess is this

a father who blame Chara for the death of her mother, which makes me think it could be possible that their mother died during bringing Chara into the world

but her mother loved them enough to bring her into the world and if she was still around she might would of been able to protect them from the abusive life they had to go through

Chara's biological father could of made sure that they did what they were told but if they didn't he would hit them,

I think that she might of had a older brother, who all so blame them for what happen to their mother and they would call them names

and could of enjoyed beating his own little sister,

they could of had a grandfather and two uncles who lived with them and help around the place where she use to live

and they could of treated them the same as their father and brother

and when they formed that plan, they had those who hurt them in would make sense, it could be possible that the ones who were attacking Chara and Asriel's fused self

were not her family, but just some people who were in her way and going to those who really hurt them, they perhaps only wanted to hurt them a little but the side that was Asriel misunderstood and thought they were going to kill them

not fully understanding and not fighting back, Asriel put both himself and Chara in great danger which got them both killed

from what I can guess Chara started to hate all humans more after what happen to the both of them, and maybe even start to hate monsters too after what  Asriel did

they only wanted to help those who showed them love and made her feel like she belong, even if what they were planning was wrong and well it ended bad for both them and the brother they came to know and care for

I'm just guessing the whole family thing, but it could be possible

I mean Chara could of been through a lot during her time with her biological family, and even if she never knew love from them she did from the family they found

and even if there was only one person from her biological mother who loved them before they were born, she will never know this because well of what happen when they were born.

that is what I believe could of happen

I'm thinking that Chara might not really be dead but maybe in some kind of coma and everything that happens in Undertale is just a dream, well that is one half of it

the other half is that they did die but only in the place where her mind that is in a coma goes to,

like her own determination caused a split of the timeline, Chara in the coma ends up in the other timeline and they could see what the other them saw and even have some of the memories of what Asriel caused, well they both caused them ending up well you know.

well it is what I think, I mean no one has to agree with it and that is fine.

and anyway, in this I think well the two become stuck that way and they well the being they become, their own person but remembers who they use to be and the two that make them up.

okay this is last drawing I'm going to post up until next month and I'm going to try to keep from posting anymore until next month, I'm going to go watch Dragon Ball now

oh and I hope you like the name Asaria for who Flowey and Chara become in this drawing

anyway see ya later.


United States
working on changing the bio..........


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