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TMNT2012OCs: The Mutants Cowbella and Rockpop
Made with DeviantArt muro

Credit for TMNT 2012 series goes to Nickelodeon

Credit for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles goes to Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird

these two are former humans turned mutants that I made up, that are also well kind of mirror Bebop and Rocksteady 

and well these two girls would work for Karai in a fan non-canon way.

cause it would not be canon, anyway see ya later.
Princess Char Dreemurr The Boss Satyr (Gift Art)
Made with DeviantArt muro

Credit for Ask Frisk and Company goes to :iconretaya:

Credit for Undertale goes to Toby Fox

a little girl from a far off future/alternate timeline where there is nothing but young children and teenage monsters and humans and all the grown ups both human and monsters are gone

the teenagers who would become older in the future and would become grown ups will be left to live but if they should end up like the grown ups that are long gone then the princess will kill them, doesn't matter if they are human or monster

Char lost her parents when she was 1 year old, and she was taken care of by her Ancle Frisk (Ancle is a mix of Aunt and Uncle and it is a gender neutral thing to call Frisk since they go by them and they.)
until they tried to form a revolution against her and the rest of the children of the future and to protect both the human and monster children, she had no choice but to kill her Ancle Frisk and the last of the monster/human grown ups

the name of her mother is hidden, well I didn't write the name down but that stuff in the middle is suppose to be hiding the name.

her middle name is after her grandmother's name,

I think she looks adorable with freckles.

anyway I think she would like to go back in time and kill all the grown up monsters and humans but let her parents live because if she took them out she wouldn't be born

I think she would only be nice to human and monster children, but act very mean and nasty to grown ups and find all of them bad save for those who were once her family that she sadly had to get rid of for the good of the other children who when they become grown ups one day they will do better then the past generation.

she wears a striped shirt, long pants and a tiara on her head.

I think for her to get through such terrible times in the future she came from, she would sing to herself while looking at the stars to which if a human child or monster child happens to hear her while walking by would think it is a voice of a angel.

like the song would be

little one why are you crying, is it because of what they did to you and I?

trying to make you and me hate those who are so different and yet they are not that different, for they love, they cry and feel the same as you and I

but grown ups, they just don't understand, they can't understand that both human and monster are both bad and good not just a one way,

the hate will grow, it will cause the children so much pain and make us see each other as what they see but we can't let them

we must fight for the future that we live for, can't let them it's us
against the grown ups!

cause they made us start this fight for what is right and we aren't gonna stop until they are gone and all that is left is LOVE and a new hope for the future for us the children,

so long ago before you and I, two crossed lovers were so much in love but then they were killed by the humans who forbid the love from the start

then they started to head to the monsters and provoked the act of war

so much dust that day it was such a dismay and the humans won and the monsters were sealed underground

many years past then human children fell down, each of them were..........hurt by the evil grown up monsters, so this fight is for them too we will fight in the name of them

and all children who are humans and monsters,

this is our freedom! this is our time to break free from those who caused the hate to grow, we will make them sorry they ever made us cry and try to make us hate each other

cause we aren't like them and we will fight LOVE with LOVE even if it hurts us, and by we I mean I for I will make my human and monster friends happy by taking all the LOVE instead and throwing it back at those stupid grown ups until they fall down

and even if it means I will have no more love to feel or to give, it is worth saving the rest of the children's future from the grown ups that made us all cry.

that might of not been very good but it was all I could really think up for her to sing to herself when she is feeling mad or sad, and yes the LOVE is Level of Violence

anyway now that I know that the Ask Frisk and Company is on here as well and not just over on Tumblr, I can check it out from the very beginning

and well I really don't feel like signing back on to Tumblr right now but I will when I feel like it.

I would like to give this as a gift to :iconretaya: but I'm not sure if they will like it or not but I still would like to give it as a gift.

and well I just had to draw this idea today, as for the other drawings I did yesterday and the day before I think I will post them up maybe later tonight

I kind of want to just play a video game right now and then after that watch a cartoon and a movie later.

I think that a child of a boss monster and human, will be a boss satyr even if it would only be in a fan undertale au, it is still a interesting idea.

anyway see ya later.
Bill Cipher And The Toon Multiverse Zodiac
Made with DeviantArt muro

the added ones are suppose to be Princess Morbucks, Blossom, Bubbles, Buttercup, Star Butterfly, Ludo or Toffee, Timmy, Chloe, Foop, Peridot, Psycho The Weasel, Finn's Mom and Pocahontas

Credit for Gravity Falls goes to  Alex Hirsch

Credit for Who Framed Roger Rabbit Comic Series goes to Gary K. Wolf

Credit for Who Framed Roger Rabbit Movie goes to Robert Zemeckis

Credit for Steven Universe goes to Rebecca Sugar

Credit for Powerpuff Girls goes to Craig Mccracken

Credit for Star vs The Forces of Evil goes to Daron Nefcy

Fairly Odd Parents goes to Butch Hartman and Nickelodeon

Credit for Adventure Time goes to Pendleton Ward

Credit for Pocahontas Movie goes to Disney

for some reason after drawing them next to each other, I now want to ship PsychoxPeridot and StarxDipper, well Star is 14 and Dipper is 13 but it is fine.

and the idea of Peridot and Psycho being ship together is just too adorable to me.

I had to wait until tomorrow to post this up,

by the way sorry I couldn't write the cipher language very well

I did try the best I could and the first one to decode it in the comments will get a drawing request.

oh and I edited this little today to add a little more thing into it.

and there is another drawing that I did yesterday that I want to post up, as well as other drawings I did a few days ago that I want to post up as well but I think I will wait for a little to post them up, maybe I will post them up in a hour.

anyway see ya later.

My E.T. Girlfriend Show of 2017
Made with DeviantArt muro

I couldn't help but get this idea, it be interesting if Rooster Teeth made a series about a human guy and his E.T. Girlfriend

E.T. of course well stands for extra terrestrial,

and well I don't really have a name for this alien girl that I drew and I'm not sure if anyone would like this idea and everyone doesn't have to take it seriously it is just a small idea that pop into my head and well anyway this is all I'm going to post for today, I will post some other drawings I did before maybe tomorrow.

I will have to shut down my computer later tonight, it is still morning so I still have time and there is suppose to be a thunderstorm tonight and I'm going to turn my computer off before it gets ready.

at least tomorrow is suppose to be good.

anyway see ya later.    


United States
working on changing the bio..........


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